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Are you in charge of Thanksgiving this year? These 7 Recipes for a Thanksgiving Dinner will provide your guests with a meal they will not forget!

The big Thanksgiving dinner is just a few weeks away and I'm already trying to decide which pair of stretchy pants are going to work best for that special day.

What is the priority, looking nice and put together or comfort? Hmm, I keep going back and forth.

As I was asking myself this question for about the 5th time, I thought, maybe the better question is what am I going to cook? Yes, I put my fashion and comfort in front of the more important item, the menu.

Well if you're like me, don't worry. I've got you covered. I am going to share with you the 7 must-have recipes for a delicious and successful Thanksgiving Dinner. You're welcome. 🙂

The Thanksgiving Turkey

Ah yes, we must start with the turkey. The turkey is like the national symbol for Thanksgiving dinner.

You honestly can't trust anyone who substitutes the turkey with a ham or duck, but I would be okay with a TurTurkeyKey or a Turducken.

But for those of you who are a little bit more traditional, here is a Step by Step Guide to the Perfect Roast Turkey. Yum!

7 Recipes for Thanksgiving Dinner | The Crafty Blog Stalker (2)

The Mashed Potatoes

Next are the mashed potatoes and this side dish is a must-have. Your table will not be complete without a bowl full of this yummy goodness.

Some prefer to eat their mashed potatoes with gravy, but that would require another recipe, and this post is for 7 recipes, not 8 so if you make these Slow Cooker Butter Garlic Herb Mashed Potatoes you won't need the gravy.

7 Recipes for Thanksgiving Dinner | The Crafty Blog Stalker (3)

The Stuffing

Since this is a celebratory dinner, we might as well overload on our carbs and enjoy this Best Ever Stuffing.

Isn't the stuffing what helps us go into the food coma after we are done with round 3? Wait, do you call it dressing or stuffing? Either way, it is chunks of seasoned bread that are oh, so delicious.

7 Recipes for Thanksgiving Dinner | The Crafty Blog Stalker (4)

The Sweet Potato Casserole

Now that our carbs are out of the way it is time for vegetables... with marshmallows on top!

That's right, Sweet Potato Casserole. Nothing says healthy like vegetables, but nothing says delicious more than marshmallows. And let's face it, no one eats Thanksgiving dinner to lose weight.

7 Recipes for Thanksgiving Dinner | The Crafty Blog Stalker (5)

The Green Bean Casserole

Since we have the not-so-healthy vegetable side dish that everyone loves, let's have a not-so-healthy vegetable side.

The Green Bean Casserole! In the green bean casserole's defense, grandma likes it and that's why we keep making it.

Maybe if you make The Best Green Bean Casserole you will turn some heads, but grandma will be happy to take home the leftovers.

The Salad

Finally, we come to the salad, I'm not quite sure how but the salad has snuck its way into every type of meal.

Having soup? Have a salad. Don't forget the salad with your sandwich. Even the taco has a salad to match. It's lettuce people, and lettuce doesn't have a flavor!

I digress, This year skip the flavorless salad and go for the Best Ever Broccoli Salad, this way you combine your vegetable tray and salad into one. Plus it has bacon! No more needs to be said.

7 Recipes for Thanksgiving Dinner | The Crafty Blog Stalker (7)

The Pumpkin Pie

We've gorged ourselves, unbuttoned our pants, or pulled our stretchy waistbands below our protruding bellies. The food coma is about to commence.

Then you see the Easy Foolproof Pumpkin Pie on the kitchen counter. The pants are fastened and the waistband pulled up as you rush to your slice of pie.

No matter how full you are, you will eat it, and you will like it.

7 Recipes for Thanksgiving Dinner | The Crafty Blog Stalker (8)

Oh my gosh, I'm exhausted! And I didn't even make anything, I just talked about what I was going to make! I think maybe it's the Mother-in-Law's turn to host Thanksgiving Dinner this year. I'll bring the Green Bean Casserole.

What is your favorite dish for Thanksgiving Dinner? Share and leave a comment below!

Our Baking Essential List:

  • For baking casseroles, we use Glass Baking Dishes. I especially like the dishes with lids so leftovers can be transferred straight to the fridge.
  • Silicone Kitchenware is my favorite because they don't scratch my cookware and is easy to clean!
  • A Glass Cutting Board is a must to prepare all of those ingredients. We even keep ours on our counter at all times.
  • This Knife Set will also become your favorite! They cut beautifully, and with the hollow design of the knife, food doesn't stick to the blade.

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